Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama: ‘That’s the Good Thing as a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want’

February 11, 2014
Eyes Open Report

While touring the Charlottesville, Va., estate of Thomas Jefferson along side French president Francois Hollande, its reported president Obama quipped, “That’s the good thing as a president, I can do whatever I want.”
Per the official pool report:
At 4:45 POTUS and president Hollande walked out from a portico and strolled in Front of your pool with Leslie Bowman, president of the Monticello Foundation. Looking at a terrace she said that Jefferson loved to admire the landscape from there. POTUS said that he’d like to take a look and seemed delighted to “break the protocol”.
“That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want” he quipped, walking to the terrace with his guest and Ms. Bowman. Pool now in the mansion as the leaders will come and visit Jefferson’s study.
Whats ironic about the timing of Obama’s “quipp” is that the pool report was released around the same time the White House had announced it will unilaterally delay the Obamacare employeer mandate for employers with less then 100 employees.
Unilateral moves by the Obama Administration to delay mandates of the Affordable Care Act have come under fire recently by members of the GOP who claim that the decisions are unconstitutional.
Its also Ironic that the president would make such a remark at a time he is so openly willing to announce his intention to bypass congress and make executive orders.

(Obama: ‘Whenever I can take steps without legislation I will’)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

RECALL: 9 Million Pounds of Beef

Carnivores in CA, FL, IL and TX should take a look in their freezers.

February 10, 2014

Nearly 9 million... yes, MILLION pounds of beef products produced by a Northern California company has been recalled. Rancho Feeding Corporation in Petaluma, California has issued a recall because the products processed are "unsound, unwholesome or otherwise are unfit for human food" without undergoing a full federal inspection, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Saturday.

The products were produced between January 1, 2013 through January 7, 2014... yes, nearly an entire years worth of meat. Products were shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments in California, Florida, Illiniois and Texas. They include beef carcasses, oxtail, liver, cheeks, tripe, tongue and veal bones. A list of the recalled products can be found here.

Last month the company recalled more than 40,000 pounds of meat products produced on January 8 that also did not undergo a full inspection. The problems were discovered as part of an ongoing investigation, the FSIS said.

The FSIS has not received any reports of illness. Because some of the products could still be frozen and in storage, a Class I recall was issued because the meat product could cause serious, adverse health consequences.

Consumers who have questions about the recall can contact the plant's Quality Control manager, Scott Parks at (707) 762-6651.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

WAR: Is Iran preparing to attack the US?

Is an Iranian documentary a precursor to what's in store for the United States?

February 9, 2014

Jennifer Dust

The AP reports, on Saturday, a senior Iranian navel commander said Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to the U.S. maritime borders for the first time.

The commander of Iran's Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, said the vessels have already entered the Atlantic Ocean via waters near South Africa, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The fleet, consisting of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying supply ship, began its voyage last month from the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. The ships, carrying some 30 navy academy cadets for training along with their regular crews, are on a three-month mission.

IRNA quoted Haddad as saying the fleet is approaching U.S. maritime borders for the first time. The Islamic Republic considers the move as a response to U.S. naval deployments near its own coastlines. The U.S. Navy's 5th fleet is based in Bahrain, just across the Persian Gulf.

According to an article posted on The Times of Israel, Iranian state TV on Friday ran a documentary featuring a computerized video of Iran's drones and missiles bombing Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ben Gurion Airport and the Dimona nuclear reactor in a hypothetical retaliation for an Israeli or American strike on the Islamic Republic.

Iranian drones and missiles are also shown carrying out simulated strikes on the American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, downing American aircraft and striking American military targets in the Persian Gulf.

A defense official in Washington was quoted by Reuters as casting doubt on any claims that the Iranian ships were approaching U.S. maritime borders. But the official added that "ships are free to operate in international waters."

The United States and its allies regularly stage navel exercises in the Gulf, saying they want to ensure freedom of navigation in the waterway through which 40 percent of the world's seaborne oil exports passes.

Why We Shouldn't Raise The Debt Ceiling

On February 27, Democrats and Republicans have to come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. But, both sides are wrong, and lying.

February 9, 2014
Andrew Pontbriand

In Washington, the Democrats and Republicans are back to their usual arguments in the world of political theater. As of February 27, 2014; if the United States does not raise the debt ceiling, it will 'default' on it's debts. However, realistically the United States has been insolvent for a few decades.

When the United States went completely off of the Gold Standard under President Nixon, it was essentially telling countries who stored gold in the US; "sorry you won't be getting back your gold."

Recently, we have witnessed that very situation, when Germany asked the United States for some of it's gold back. The Federal Reserve told Germany it could not audit it's own Gold Reserves, and it would take until 2020 to ship all of it back to Germany. --- Now, why is that?

The answer is insolvency. The United States had to go off of the Gold Standard in 1971 due to the fact we we're broke. The dollar, was now a fiat currency which could be endlessly printed out of thin air to continue the debt crisis, which was the only way the Fed could continue the ponzi scheme. But now, more than 40 years later; the bubble of bubbles is ready to burst.

Debt Ceiling Increases

Depending on who is doing the research, it is said that the US has raised its debt ceiling (in some form or other) at least 90 times in the 20th century.

Congress has raised the debt ceiling 14 times from 2001-2013. The debt ceiling was raised a total of 7 times during President Bush's eight year term and it has been raised 7 times (as of 10/2013) under President Obama's term as of 2013 (five years in office).

Of course, the raising debt ceiling predates the Nixon administration's final nail in the gold coffin, but when you understand the fact that since World War II, the United States held the majority of the worlds gold, you can see a correlation from the increasing need to raise the debt ceiling since the dollar was no longer backed by gold.

So why are Democrats and Republicans so worried about raising the debt ceiling? Well, because we will default!

No politician wants to be in office when this happens, because what will ensue is an unraveling of the ponzi scheme which will lead to the bond market crashing, and likely the end of government handouts being sent to those who otherwise would receive them. --- But, is this REALLY a bad thing?

Why We Need To Default

When you listen to these professional economists, they will tell you we need to keep interest rates at 0%, and inflation is good. The same people will also scream and yell about the need to raise the debt ceiling. But how is it that they are not seeing the connection between the two? That is, the fact that interest rates HAVE to remain at 0%, or the entire system goes belly up to begin with. See, you can't have -% interest rates, so therefore 0% is the highest that can be allowed.

Since the Fed has instituted QE infinity, anyone who understands even basic economics can look and see that the more money you print out of thin air, and the longer it is printed, the worse the disaster will be when you go bust. Yet, even with these facts, the Fed and the Congress just seem to ignore it.

The reason we should default now, rather than later, is described by people like Peter Schiff. Schiff, accurately predicted the DOT.com bubble, and the financial crisis of 2008 --- to the T.

The Fed and congress really did nothing to fix the problems that caused the two bubbles mentioned. In fact, all they really did was postpone the NEXT bubble, which is the Treasury Bond bubble. Now that the United States is looking at another debt limit increase, at a time when the Fed is pumping $85 B a month into the system, the catastrophe that lies ahead lurks in the not-so-distant future.

The fact is, one way or the other the United States can no longer "pay it's bills," and the idea to acquire even more debt when you've gone broke is ludicrous. Surely, many people will suffer if the debt ceiling is not raised and we default, however as Schiff says, "it will be MUCH worse if we continue to postpone the default." If we fix the problems in the next, even more disastrous recession, it will be followed by a period of pain. However, if the government once again tricks everyone into believing the debt ceiling is being raised "for our own good," it will make the dollar crash inevitable, and the situation worse 10-fold.

We are at the point of no return, and in fact have been here for quite some time. There is no way out, and it is always better to "turn yourself in," before more crime is committed. After all, the crime of the Federal Reserve would hopefully be fixed faster once we get honest and just default, versus more Quantitative Easing that will only bankrupt our country further, leaving only a slim chance of even having a United States of America.

Yes, it is that bad.

Andrew Pontbriand is an Activist, Researcher, Contributor at Activist Post, and Writer/Editor of  The Resistance Journals.  Like his Facebook Page here, and follow him on Twitter - @ResistJourn25